What’s the color of worry?

There is a theory according to which one needs 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in any field. There is a field where I devoted enough time and energy to get the championship belt. This field is … worrying.

Over the years, my practice has made me come up with possible disasters in spades. The action is swift, coincidences leading to an unfortunate ending extremely probable, and the biggest Hollywood production would not be ashamed of special effects.

It seems to me that my subconscious has established a pattern – you worry enough, torment yourself and others with your worries, repent, then what you are afraid of will never happen.

For years, such self-tampering has shown me one thing. Such wallowing in the swamp of your fears related to the future is extremely painful and energy-depleting.

Awareness  is here. So now it’s time for drudgery, another 10,000 hours to tame those thoughts.

Recently, I came across a book by David Bond, Chakras for beginners, which one of the chapters „Worry as energy” caught my attention.

The author starts from a known fact, which is the healing power of prayer. When all else fails, doctors sometimes tell their patients’ loved ones that there is nothing left but to pray for a miracle. And so medically inexplicable miracles happen. Such stories are known to everyone. And how does this relate to worrying about those we love?

„[Worrying] is a negative prayer. It is literally sending negative energy and burdening others with our fears.  What is the color of worry? Black? Gray-green? Brownish? […] Imagine yourself painting a picture on canvas with colors that you think perfectly reflect the emotions associated with worry. Imagine how you frame a picture and then hand it over to the person you are worried about. You attach a note to the gift which says: This is my gift for you. Hang it where you can see it often. When you look at it, you capture the feelings contained in it. Then remember that are the thoughts I’m sending your way. „[translated from Polish, Pond, 2017, pp. 159-160]

Conclusions? If the power of prayer works, so does the power of worry. We must take responsibility for the energy that we send others and ourselves in accordance with the principle: be careful what you wish for, because it can come true.

Polish version/ Wersja polska


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