Anti-ama is an ayurvedic mix of herbs that helps detoxify the body.

When I was collecting the ingredients, the shopkeeper asked me what they were for.

– All of this is for ayurvedic herbal mix, anti-ama, I said.

– Anti-“amant” (polish word for adorer)??? But why???

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Asafoetida – marriage of convenience, not love

According to the principle, the drug should be effective, not tasty, I once bought onion cough syrup. When I heard what the options were, I decided that onion syrup is the most disgusting one and therefore certainly would be the most effective. As soon as the pharmacy door closed behind me, the cognitive fog thinned and I knew I had done a terrible mistake. I drank the syrup. The cough passed. So maybe there is something to it 😉 ? Czytaj dalej „Asafoetida – marriage of convenience, not love”

Prakriti, vikriti, test for determining the dominant dosha

Who doesn’t like and has never done psychological tests? There is probably no such person. They are better or worse, having more or less sense. So you can determine which Disney princesses you are or explore your original nature, or prakriti, or check which of the doshas began to deviate from the norm, thereby determining your vikriti.

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Ayurvedic dance of elements

In the beginning was the Universal Soul, Pure Consciousness. From it came the original, sacred sound of Om. Its vibration created space (akasa). Under the influence of sound, the space began to swirl, creating air (vayu). The swirling air and space rubbed against each other, creating energy – fire (agni) was born. The fire was burning and its heat caused the air to condense – water (jala) was formed. Water mixed with fire, air and space, gave birth to earth (prthivi). Czytaj dalej „Ayurvedic dance of elements”